If you want cheap car insurance in South Dakota, compare prices. Car insurance rates depend on several factors, including the insured, your driving history, age, and credit history.

Alternative Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers

If you have multiple crashes, bad credit, or other insurance red flags, you may have trouble purchasing a policy in the voluntary market. As an alternative, you can find coverage through a South Dakota automobile insurance plan.

Here is a summary where you can find the cheapest insurance by category:

  • Cheap car insurance in south dakota
  • Minimum required auto insurance in south dakota
  • Alternative Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers
  • Cheaper for good drivers

State Farm was the cheapest carrier in South Dakota with an average credit of good drivers for us, averaging $ 68 USD per month. Nebraska Farmer and Farmer Mutual are in second and third place, respectively.

Drivers with weak credit

Farmers in Nebraska had the cheapest insurers in South Dakota in our test for good drivers with mutual spotty credit, on average $ 5 / month. The list was created by Farmers & Allied, a nationwide company.

We report this number for 40-year-old good drivers who have at least mandatory insurance in the state. Such light coverage is not particularly recommended, as not all bills resulting from a car accident cover it, but it is better than nothing – especially if you cannot afford to spend much.



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