To narrow the region and help you find cheap car insurance in Colorado, we researched the rates of the state’s nine largest insurance companies and searched for the cheapest options for many driver types.

Cheaper for good drivers

With a clean record for Colorado drivers, we found, on average, $ 8 a month, that State Farm is the cheapest carrier. Allstate and the American Family ranked second and third respectively.

State Farm was the cheapest car insurance company we got for a month with an average cost of $ 5 for Sporty Credit Colorado. The American family was ranked second on a monthly basis, followed by Assurance.

Cheapest for drivers with a fault accidents

Colorado drivers would like to see State Farm, which had an average rate of $ 1,88 per month for this group, with a recent record-breaking accident. The list is off the list with American families and St. Last, averaging $ 200 a month.

Low-mileage drivers in Colorado can get a small price break from State Farm, which is an average of $ 70 per month for this group. The same is true for a second American family, but not for Allstate, which ranks third and charges the same average rate for this group for regular mileage drivers.

We get an average of $ 39 a month in Colorado for the least coverage, with Safeco being the cheapest carrier. State Farm and Progressive shows the three cheapest rates that you can make at or below Centennial State for low-cost auto insurance for at least $ 50 a month.


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